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Robin Dennis

Superstar Consultant


My Story

Hi Everyone!

As you can see from the smile on my face "I'm Happy!" Why???? Because I have Scentsy is my life. I've been an Independent Consultant for 9 years now and it has been nothing but a true blessing to my family and I. Why do I choose Scentsy??? Because I want to ensure my sons are able to attend college without having to apply for  loans and creating debt. By choosing Scentsy I'm able to save for their future! Scentsy also allows me to keep up the cost of their sports activities and my bi-weekly hair and nail appointments :) What do I love most about Scentsy? I love the innovate designs of products and fragrances. I love the company because it poses as my second family. I embrace our founder's generous hearts and the care they have for the less fortunate. I also embrace the love they have for their consultants and most of all their customers. Scentsy brings peace and comfort to the home of anyone who uses it. Where else can you find comfort, love, fabulous fragrances and beautiful home decor all wrapped in one??? Only with Scentsy! Not only do I love Scentsy, my husband and 3 boys love it too. They enjoy fragrances in their bedrooms, their school lockers, their gym bags and throughout our home. Let Scentsy warm your home and enliven your spirit. Thank you for making ME your "Scentsy Lady". I am honored!

LIVE without the flame of ordinary scented candles.

LOVE the variety of fragrances and the beautiful warmers.

LAUGH with the friends and families who’ll love you for introducing them to the Scents of Scentsy!


What's warming in my home